360 Analytics

We deliver powerful management reports to help clear the clutter of spreadsheets, increasing organizational alignment and overall visibility

Business Workflows

We help optimize your business processes to get the most out of your ERP solutions. Better processes result in better data, leading your team to more data-driven actions

Data Integration

See the whole picture by combining your ERP data with external data so that your team is taking action based on a single source of information

About Us

Since 2012, we have leveraged the data and processes of over 100 companies so they can reach excellence in construction.  We are passionate about creating and providing information that drives business performance, and we help our partners get the highest return on their software investments.  We help our partners connect the dots so everyone is strategically aligned.  We clear the clutter of spreadsheets and enable more data-driven, time-saving decision making.

Our Process

Our Discovery Process is the key to our ability to efficiently deliver value to our customers. We leverage an iterative design process that allows us to fully understand our clients' needs so we can rapidly deliver results.

  1. Discover

    We engage in deep dialogue so that we have a clear understanding of your current business processes and where you want to take them.

  2. Develop

    With our deep understanding of your business, we roll up our sleeves and get the work finished and ready for approval.

  3. Deploy

    Once approved, we deploy our solution to your production environment and provide ongoing support.